Hi! I’m Tony Wheeler. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a gluten free, ancestral health and nutrition nut, family dude, approaching the age formerly-known-as mid-life, and coffee snob.

I’ve been into health optimization for much of my life, since thinking of joining the military and needing to shed a few pounds. I studied Biology in college, which gave me a working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and generally how the body works. I’ve tried many fad diets to gain control of my own health, worked out in various forms from working out at home to full service gym memberships.

I’m in the process of obtaining nutritional certifications to step out and help people regain control of their lives. I’m particularly interested in helping men like myself, former athletes, dads who have lost a little bit of their mojo. I don’t believe that it is that hard after 40…You just have to fine tune the machine to achieve the best results.

If you need to chat, just reach out!